Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Assigned Ring Tones

1. Super Mario Bros. Theme song, designated ringtone of my husband. I adore Mario and I adore my husband, though this was his ring tone before we were married. And, like Mario and Peach, I am a couple inches taller than my main man, and blonde to his brunette. Just for shits and giggles, I shall toss in here that Hubby and I had a semi- Mario-themed wedding complete with awesome cake toppers, a few other minor decorations, and Hubby made our Mario and Peach wedding invitations and return cards. I'm such a lucky woman.

2. "Smooth Criminal" Alien Ant Farm, designated ringtone of my baby sister, Annie. I love three versions of this song: Michael Jackson's original, AAF's redo, and Sulic and Hauser's cello blowout. The reason I chose AAF's version for her ringtone is thus: it's the only one I can hear when my phone is crammed into my purse.

I'm also throwing in Sulic and Hauser's version, purely for it's awesomeness:

3. "Tank" The Seatbelts-from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, designated ringtone of my dad. This was actually ringtone number 4 for Dad. We started with "Son of a Sailor" by Jimmy Buffett, which was too low to hear when it rang in my purse. We moved on to  "Play That Funky Music(White Boy)" by Wild Cherry (which I also could not hear in my purse) Then I downloaded some songs after Hubby got me to watch Cowboy Bebop, both the movie and some of the series, and I hooked Dad up to "Ask DNA," also by The Seatbelts, and yet another song that did not penetrate from the dark recesses of my purse (what's stupid about this whole thing is my phone sits on top of all the other crap in my bag, I should be able to hear any song) So, at last, we have arrived at "Tank." Which I could probably hear even if my phone was in my purse, and shoved up the ass of a fat man named Stu.* 

*My apologies if you are, in fact, a fat man named Stu. I would never attempt to shove my purse up your ass, even for the expressed purpose of seeing if I could hear my "Tank" ringtone from up in there.