Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Songs I Downloaded After Hearing Them In A Movie

1. "Anything Anything" by Dramarama- as heard in A Nightmare on Elm St. 4: The Dream Master

2. "Love Hates" by Marianne Faithfull- as heard in Tuff Turf

3. "Fire in the Twilight" by Wang Chung- as heard in The Breakfast Club

Bonus. "Tempest" by Los Straightjackets- as heard in Psycho Beach Party

Friday, May 10, 2013

Three Funko Pop! Figures

I, currently, have three Funko figures in my collection. This is a collection that I really had no intentions of starting, but which has been started, nonetheless.

1. First up, Jason Voorhees. Mr. V was my first Funko ever. I fell in love with his little hockey mask, the adorable bloody machete, and that lazy corpse eye.

2. Daryl Dixon. The husband and I were late-comers to the awesomeness that is The Walking Dead. Frankly, when it originally aired, I was burnt out on zombies(which is just a horrible thing to have to say) I first loved Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus, but his portrayal as the double D reignited that infatuation all over again.

3. The Joker. I have what I call a "crush" on the animated Joker. I have no particular idea why, other than I have a penchant for lunatics. His purple suit, green hair, infectious giggle, what's not to love? I even have a Joker background on my cell phone.

*A bonus today, because this is the only other Funko that we(currently)own. This one, however, belongs to my husband. Hubby is a comic book guy, and one of his favourites is Green Arrow. One day, he will be joined by a Green Lantern(another Husband fav) Incidentally, I named my red-nosed Pit Bull "Oliver Queen."