Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Three Things I Liked About Killer Party (1986)

  While I am certain that I have watched this movie before, I remembered very little and decided to revisit this little flick a couple of weeks ago. Despite my dislike of what I found to be a boring ass "leading lady" (I'm looking at you, Jennifer) I enjoyed the hair and fashion immensely, and this movie has, arguably, one of the most laughably ridiculous cases of "possession" I have ever seen (If I could have found a clip, it would have made it into the countdown, but, alas-) There will be a minor death spoiler as the Bonus, but it will be marked, per usual.

 1. The horror movie/music video opening is spectacular. It's like 80s overload. I couldn't find a clip of the entire beginning, but here, at least, is the music portion: White Sister's "You're No Fool."

  2. Vivia (Sherry Willis-Burch)

   Smart, sexy, special effects wizard (and let's not forget horny) Vivia. Even with her giant glasses she was a prime specimen, so much more fun and interesting than the dishwater dull Jennifer. Alas, Vivia could only seem to catch the eye of  skeevy, chickenshit, Jennifer-obsessed, Martin, as this was still in the days of the old saying, "Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." But look how cute she is!

   There are no screaming hysterics for my girl Vivia when the real bodies start popping up, either! She keeps her cool, finds her friends, cheats death a few times, and even manages to kick a little ass. She doesn't exactly save the fucking day, but she hangs in there to the end. Plus, she makes a mean fake severed head.

  And delights in freaking Martin out with it.

  My girl, Vivia. How I loved thee.

  3. The killer wears an antique diving suit. Could a more cumbersome disguise have been chosen? Do you know how heavy those things are? How could he possibly sneak up on anybody?

   How scary is a killer whom you can dodge simply by ducking and taking a step to either side and into his blind spot? I mean, really?

And now:

Bonus- Chunky Bee Boy gets a poker up the poop chute and out of the top of his head.

Drunk, playing cards with Skinny Bee Boy, happy.

But what's this pushing it's way up through the grate?

This speaks of unpleasantness.

And voila! He's a shish kabob!