Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three Things I Like About My Kindle Touch

1. Easily portable, and stores many books in one place. As a person who usually ends up reading more than one book at a time(sometimes as many as 4 to 6 at once, but I try to keep it under that, or I start confusing characters and scenes) I can say that the Kindle is much easier to drop into the outside pocket of my purse when I am off on an errand or appointment, and I may have to sit for awhile.

2. Downloading free samples. I love this feature so much(provided, of course, that the sample they allow you to download is worth a damn- they aren't always, but this is a list of praise, not discord) I go through and download samples of books that I intend to buy in paper- or hardback, too, because this has actually saved me money when the sample chapter(s) have not been at all what I was expecting from reading the synopsis or reader reviews.

3. I can be reading anything, horror, comedy, gay erotica, while sitting out in public and it is going to be near impossible for someone to see the title of what I am reading, and use that to try and open up a discussion about the book. If I am sitting somewhere reading, it's because I want to be sitting there reading, not talking about the book I could be reading if Mr./Ms. Chatterbox would only shut the hell up.

*Bonus- Some of my favourite authors have started publishing novellas via Kindle only, so it's nice to have some way to read them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Reasons of Three

Three Reasons I Decided to Start This Blog:

1. Boredom

2. I am attempting to reignite my creative fires, or get my creative juices flowing. But hopefully not at the same time, because then wouldn't the fire be put out by the juices?

3. I like to make lists of "Threes."