Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three Most Recent Songs I Downloaded To My Phone

1.  After Dark- Tito and Tarantula

2. Season of the Witch- Donovan


3. Moon Trance- Lindsey Stirling


Monday, December 3, 2012

Three Things I Loved About Lady Snowblood(1973)

1. The Blood. Glorious fountains of bright red blood. Cut off an arm or other appendage? Jettison of blood. Poke somebody with the tip of a sword? Jettison of blood. It was truly a thing of beauty.

2. The groans, grunts, moans and screams that were, obviously, dubbed over for sound purposes. I watched a copy with subtitles, and indeed, I have no idea if they have ever dubbed this movie in the English language. I don't care either way. I simply love how the sound doesn't always quite match up to the lips. And, as mentioned, the melodramatic sounds of pain/pleasure/exasperation.

3. I'm a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino. You can tell that QT really liked, and borrowed, heavily from this movie in the making of Kill Bill. The camera angles, the fight scenes, the aforementioned geysers of blood, and one blatantly obvious song(which I now know the words to, having watched Lady Snowblood-and what a glorious song it is) The song is, I believe, called "The Flower of Carnage" by Meiko Kaji.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things I Have An Irrational Fear Of

1. Birds. I hate all birds. All they do is fly and shit and spread diseases. Getting caught beneath a flock of low flying birds is very near my idea of Hell. I have no idea where this fear came from, all I know is that if a bird heads in my direction, I will react the way most women in horror movies react: with screaming, flailing of limbs, and plain old-fashioned terror.
                                            This is my idea of Hell on Earth

                                                                             The face of terror

2. Clowns. This in no way makes me unique, many people are afraid of clowns. Any glimpse of a clown (statue, painting, dressed up man) sends an involuntary shudder up my spine. Because of this, I rather enjoy horror movies with clowns in them.
                                                                  Yep, terrifying

                                                                  One more, just because Tim Curry is a god

3. Large Worms. Again, no idea where this fear comes from. But I do recall, in vivid detail, dissecting large earthworms in Earth Science class in 7th grade. We studied live worms as well, and my foot long earthworm kept rearing up like a snake, trying to escape the pan it was in. No fear of snakes, but a big old fear of long, squirmy slimy worms.
                                              Kill It With Fire


 Bonus:  Baby Monkeys/Gorillas. They look, and act, too much like human babies. It creeps me the fuck out.
                                                               See? Looks almost like a portrait print from K-Mart. *Bwuah*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three(Current) Favourite Quentin Tarantino Characters

1. Character-  GoGo Yubari
    Actor-  Chiaki Kuriyama
    Movie-  Kill Bill V. 1 (2003)
How could you not love this adorable young sociopath in a school girl's uniform?

2. Character-  Jules Winnfield
    Actor-  Samuel L. Jackson
    Movie-  Pulp Fiction (1994)
The Bible verse spouting hitman who recognizes a miracle when it happens, and leaves it all behind to "walk the earth. You know, like Caine in Kung Fu."

3. Character-  Stuntman Mike McKay
    Actor- Kurt Russell
    Movie- Death Proof (2007)
His 70's throwback style, the sense of humour, and a beautifully feathered mullet. With as badass as he seems, his transformation from psycho to pussy after being shot in the arm is brilliant.

*Bonus- Character-  The Bride/Black Mamba/Beatrix Kiddo
               Actor-  Uma Thurman
               Movie-  Kill Bill V. 1 (2003)& V. 2 (2004)
A revenge-seeking, sword-wielding assassin plowing a bloody path to the door of the man who made her what she is. (Serious props to stuntwoman Zoe Bell go along with this selection)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Three Reasons I Have Not Updated In Two Months

1. I got married in October, and so there was an influx of stress and planning that took precedence over this blog.

2. I had surgery. Which also added a great deal of stress into my life, as my husband and I were also moving into a new house at the same time. I was pretty useless during the move.

3. Laziness. Who are we kidding, here? I could have made time for this, and simply did not. But I do intend to try and do better. This post is mostly to, hopefully, "shame" me into posting more frequently. We shall see if it works.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three Tales From the Crypt Episodes That Are Always Floating In The Back Of My Brain

1. Death of Some Salesmen- S.5 Ep. 1. starring Ed Begley, Jr, Tim Curry (x 3!)
  A down and dirty salesman(Begley, Jr.) peddles his wares at the wrong house. Who lives here? Why, Pa, Ma and Winona Brackett, of course, a delightfully insane family, all played by the wonderfully delightful Tim Curry. Begley learns a few lessons, and also a new meaning for "down and dirty."

2. Forever Ambergris- S.5 Ep. 3. starring Steve Buscemi, Roger Daltry, Lysette Anthony
  Daltry is a burnt out combat photographer who falls deep into lust with the luscious wife(Lysette) of the new kid in photography(Buscemi) When he sees his chance for a comeback, and a way to win the lovely Lysette, Daltry takes it, with some gory results. But don't worry, revenge is sweet. And nearly as gory.

3. Carrion Death- S.3 Ep. 2. starring Kyle MacLachlan
  Bad boy Earl(MacLachlan) is arrested for bank robbery and murder, and is then transported across the desert, handcuffed to a policeman, to be tried for his crimes. All hell breaks loose when Earl kills the cop, only to lose the handcuff keys down the cop's gullet. Now Earl and his "dead weight" are off on a different kind of trek across the desert, but the dead cop isn't Earl's only company on this particular trip.

*Bonus: On a Deadman's Chest- S.4 Ep. 3. starring Heavy D, Tia Carrere, and some other dudes.
  Lead Singer of a popular hard rock group is at odds with the new wife(Carrere) of the Guitar Player. He views her as Yoko Ono, she views him as an egomaniacal brat. When a Groupie hooks up our Lead Singer with a mysterious, one-eyed tattoo artist(D) things really come to a head. Murder, betrayal, and magic tattoos. And Tia Carrere's cleavage!(There is also a very obvious penis in this episode, which I rediscovered after renting this disk from Netflix)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Three Favourite Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes

1. Squirm (episode 1012) "Oh come on, nobody's that Southern."
Worms are zapped with electricity during a particularly bad thunderstorm, and this in turn makes them very ill-tempered. Many jokes about the south, the near translucent skin of our hero and heroine, and the heroine's gigantic sister.

2. The Touch of Satan (episode 908) "This is where the fish lives."
A young man on a cross country journey takes a turn down a dirt road, and meets the girl of his dreams. Or, is it his nightmares? Lots of bad hair jokes, and bad hair. Also, walnut farming, massive sweat stains, and a murderous granny. Or is she?

3. The Final Sacrifice (episode 910) "Rowsdower!"
Dorky boy finds map when searching through the attic for information about his missing father. A cult, led by a man with an amazingly strange voice(seriously, does he really talk like that in real life?) wants said map, and will stop at nothing to get it. Lots of Canada jokes, dorky kid jokes, and, of course, there is Rowsdower. The man, the myth, the legend. And his mullet.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three Things I Do Not Like About My Kindle Touch

1. The "touch" part, at times. If I have lotion on my hands, or my hands are too cold, etc, then I have a hard time using  the touch screen. Flipping pages can be a pain.

2. Keeping track of what I am reading is a bit more difficult. As I mentioned in my last list, I tend to read more than one book at a time. With actual books, I have no problem keeping track of what I am reading. Because I have anywhere from 10 to 30 pages of books in my Kindle at any given time, I sometimes mix up titles or even flat out forget that I am in the midst of reading something.

3. It's simply not a book. As a lifelong reader, I constantly have a book in hand. The weight, the feel of the pages, even the smell of a book are all things I have grown up with. A Kindle simply cannot compare to that.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three Things I Like About My Kindle Touch

1. Easily portable, and stores many books in one place. As a person who usually ends up reading more than one book at a time(sometimes as many as 4 to 6 at once, but I try to keep it under that, or I start confusing characters and scenes) I can say that the Kindle is much easier to drop into the outside pocket of my purse when I am off on an errand or appointment, and I may have to sit for awhile.

2. Downloading free samples. I love this feature so much(provided, of course, that the sample they allow you to download is worth a damn- they aren't always, but this is a list of praise, not discord) I go through and download samples of books that I intend to buy in paper- or hardback, too, because this has actually saved me money when the sample chapter(s) have not been at all what I was expecting from reading the synopsis or reader reviews.

3. I can be reading anything, horror, comedy, gay erotica, while sitting out in public and it is going to be near impossible for someone to see the title of what I am reading, and use that to try and open up a discussion about the book. If I am sitting somewhere reading, it's because I want to be sitting there reading, not talking about the book I could be reading if Mr./Ms. Chatterbox would only shut the hell up.

*Bonus- Some of my favourite authors have started publishing novellas via Kindle only, so it's nice to have some way to read them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Reasons of Three

Three Reasons I Decided to Start This Blog:

1. Boredom

2. I am attempting to reignite my creative fires, or get my creative juices flowing. But hopefully not at the same time, because then wouldn't the fire be put out by the juices?

3. I like to make lists of "Threes."