Sunday, August 25, 2013

Three Things I Liked About Forget Me Not

I went into this knowing that it was, essentially, a ghostly revenge story. The first 20-something minutes of this movie were very tedious, with a generic beginning coupled with some major douchebags, and 3 or 4 brunette girls with long hair (whom I, seriously, could not tell apart until Alaska pointed out their varying boob sizes) I stuck with it, doing my own version of Rifftrax, and to my surprise I actually found three things that I liked about this movie. I can't really say that I would recommend Forget Me Not to many people, but I didn't hate it, and actually appreciated one major plot element. Because of that, #2 is slightly spoilery in regards to the "monster," but #3 is a flat-out SPOILER. (This movie is currently an instant watch on Netflix)

1. Eli (Cody Linley)

 In a movie filled with self-absorbed assholes and bitches, Eli is the only one who got my sympathy. He was cute but a total dork, with a serious obsession about being a pirate (in one scene, he waxes poetic about the pirate life in the middle of trying to woo a girl, which ends up scaring her off) Nerdy though he may be, one thing that remained constant was that Eli was a fiercely loyal little brother, and good-hearted to the point where I ended up rooting for him. Yes, just him.

2. The zombie-ghosts.

  I found the monsters genuinely creepy (although I did wonder where they got the silver duct tape that they had wrapped around their bodies) Decent make-ups with stretchy, taffy-like mouths filled with sharp Piranha teeth.

  They mostly moved in that herky-jerky, rapidly vibrating way that I first remember seeing in House on Haunted Hill:


  I don't know why, but that shit creeps me out. Added to that was the weird sounds the creatures made when they moved, a wet, skittering, crackling sound that I enjoyed.

  The thing that I liked the most about this movie was that these kids weren't just being killed, they were being erased from existence! After each death, it was pretty neat to see the subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, changes that happened to the other characters as their outside influences (their friends) disappeared. (the only one not affected by this was our "final girl," Sandy, who retained all of her memories) Without that plot point, this would have been just another crappy movie, with crappy characters (except Eli!) that happened to have some neat creatures.