Monday, June 16, 2014

Three Sexy Facial Scars On Screen

  I have what is probably an odd affinity for scars. Not all types of scars (I'm not interested in burns, for instance) mostly scars made by something sharp. Slashes and slices and gashes, etc. While watching a recent show (more on that at the end of this post) I considered a few of my more favourite facial scars that I've seen in movies and on television. These are the first ones that popped into my head.

  1. Kakihara (Tadanobu Asano) from Ichi the Killer

From the moment that I saw this-

Kakihara was my man. The bleach blonde hair, that insanely cool wardrobe, and those cheek splits. Not to mention the fantastic slashes across his face:

Ichi might have been the killer, but he was rather boring. Kakihara was what kept me interested in the movie.

  2. Ma-Ma (Lena Heady) from Dredd

Oh, Ma-Ma, you evil, scarred, violent, sexy woman.

I love strong women, even when they're criminals. In a way, they're more fascinating, rising to the top of what is generally male dominated- the world of crime.

  3. Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) Game of Thrones

Never has The Imp looked sexier....

I'm a newcomer to the awesomeness that is Game of Thrones (by this I mean that it's only been this year that I had any interest in it- Alaska and I watched the 1st three seasons in less than two weeks, and we only have the last two episodes of season 4 to watch, now), and it's been one hell of a ride. Tyrion is one of the few men whom I actually care if they live or die. Him and Hodor. Hodor!, also with facial scars, to hide Kristian Nairn's tattoos it would seem:

Bonus Hodor Scar

  Bonus: Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger) from Platoon

I loved this movie as a kid, and watched it constantly. I also read somewhere that during filming, having the scar applied to his face daily became extremely painful.

I was 10 when this movie came out, so it's quite possible this was one of the first scars that led me down my road of fascination with wounds and scarring.

Real Scar Bonus: Tommy Flanagan

And here we come to the inspiration for this list, the delicious Tommy Flanagan and his "Glasgow Grin." (Alaska and I are currently binge-watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, and I was delighted that Tommy was a main character)

I read that Tommy got his scars one night coming home from a DJ gig in Scotland, when he was jumped by a few thugs. I can't even begin to imagine how horrible that was, but I also cannot deny that I find his scars sexy as all hell.

And damn, the man looks good in a hat.