Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things I Have An Irrational Fear Of

1. Birds. I hate all birds. All they do is fly and shit and spread diseases. Getting caught beneath a flock of low flying birds is very near my idea of Hell. I have no idea where this fear came from, all I know is that if a bird heads in my direction, I will react the way most women in horror movies react: with screaming, flailing of limbs, and plain old-fashioned terror.
                                            This is my idea of Hell on Earth

                                                                             The face of terror

2. Clowns. This in no way makes me unique, many people are afraid of clowns. Any glimpse of a clown (statue, painting, dressed up man) sends an involuntary shudder up my spine. Because of this, I rather enjoy horror movies with clowns in them.
                                                                  Yep, terrifying

                                                                  One more, just because Tim Curry is a god

3. Large Worms. Again, no idea where this fear comes from. But I do recall, in vivid detail, dissecting large earthworms in Earth Science class in 7th grade. We studied live worms as well, and my foot long earthworm kept rearing up like a snake, trying to escape the pan it was in. No fear of snakes, but a big old fear of long, squirmy slimy worms.
                                              Kill It With Fire


 Bonus:  Baby Monkeys/Gorillas. They look, and act, too much like human babies. It creeps me the fuck out.
                                                               See? Looks almost like a portrait print from K-Mart. *Bwuah*

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