Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Three Things I Enjoy About Tales From The Darkside: Strange Love

  Strange Love is the tale of 2 vampire lovers in the mid-1930s:

Marie, played by Marcia Cross


Edmund, played by Harsh Nayyar
(who, incidentally, smokes like Keyser Soze)

When Marie "stumbles in the moonlight" and injures her knee, our good doctor makes a house call, and is soon imprisoned to care for her (vampires can't exactly cart off to the hospital, now can they?)

Dr. Phillip Carrol, played by Patrick Kilpatrick

  This is by no means a great episode, but I have always been vastly entertained by Marcia Cross's blinding white skin, and Kilpatrick's mouth-breathing, wooden performance. Not to mention some of Edmund's laughable vampire "powers." If I need to say SPOILERS for an episode that is over 25 years old, then so be it. And for your viewing pleasure, I am linking the entire 20 minute episode at the end of this post. (Seriously, it's hysterical, give it a shot)

  1. Marie's "bat wing" dress. 

  Man, I love this thing. It's just so ostentatious.

  And she rocks it like a champ.

  If I ever find a dress like this, I will buy a red wig and go as "Marie" for Halloween one year.

  2. Edmund and Phillip play "Mercy" as a show of dominance. Remember what "Mercy" is?

I advise turning down the sound to avoid the ear-piercing, girlish screams.

  The scene is absolutely ridiculous, as Marie and Edmund both make it a point to bring up their "superhuman" strength. And then Phillip and Edmund play Mercy, trying to out do each other. So, yeah.

First they hold hands...

Then Edmund gets all fangy...

Then Phillip gets fangy...
(I feel I should mention the overabundance of hissing during this scene)

Marie doesn't seem too impressed, does she?

And then Philip gets the upper hand, which brings us to...

  3. The laughably bad "staking" scene, where you can clearly see the padding beneath Edmund's shirt. (And a distinct lack of blood to start with)

  Bonus: They sleep in a double coffin bed!

I have dreams of spending one night in a double coffin bed.

As promised: Strange Love