Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three Thoughts On Big Bad Wolf

   Hey, kids, wanna watch a movie with a snarky, talking, rapey werewolf? How about a moron who doesn't know when to get the hell out of dodge, a quartet of highly unlikable college students, or a news crew that spends most of their time running away from angry people? If any of this sounds appealing, then Big Bad Wolf may be for you!

   This is not a good movie, but is was an entertaining one. A group of drunk, horny kids, cabin in the woods, werewolf, survivors kicking ass- that old chestnut. I will not reveal who the werewolf is (though IMDB just blows it right out of the water) although I do have to admit it's pretty obvious from the start who it is. There will be gore spoilers at number 3, but I will be giving another spoiler head's up right before we get there. So, let's give this a go:

1.  Hey, it's Marnie from Halloweentown! (real name: Kimberly J. Brown)

Halloweentown Marnie

Big Bad Wolf Marnie (her name is really Sam, in this)

  I am quite familiar with the Halloweentown movies, having a baby sister 12 years my junior who loved the Halloweentown adventures (and they were pretty good, I have to admit) Unfortunately, Kimberly Brown is always going to be "Marnie from Halloweentown" to me, despite the fact that she was also Annie Wheaton in Stephen King's Rose Red (I always felt that Rose Red was an underrated tv mini-series, anyone else have any thoughts on that?) Anyway, Marnie has grown up into Sam, sporting a nose ring, riding a motorcycle, and making her living as a mechanic (with nary a parent to be seen) She's the BFF of our resident "Hero-Nerd," and she's pretty kick ass- and can use a bow, to boot.

2.  The wolf make-up was ok in parts, absolute shit in other parts, and the full transformation scene was a CGI nightmare. However, there were 2 or 3 shots where our wolfman was fighting off the transformation, and the small twists and changes on his face were quite well done (not sure if they were CGI, Practical Effects, or a combo, but it looked good)  (As an aside, the movie used both practical and CGI, which leads us to number 3. Also:


3.  Some of the Practical Effects were pretty good, so I shall list off a couple of my favourites:

   -Tug-of-War scene between some kids and the werewolf, and this happens to their buddy (who had some weird sexual fetishes, I thoroughly enjoyed his dialogue with his girlfriend out in the woods)

   -Violent removal of male genitalia, complete with snarky comment from our werewolf:

   -Werewolf peels off the top of a man's head like you pop the top off a beer.

 There are some other good moments, but I will leave them for your own discovery. 

  Bonus- In one of the funniest scenes of the entire movie, the wolf (now back in man form and covered in blood) burps up a finger. He looks at it blankly for a moment, then casually pops it back into his mouth and eats it. I actually laughed out loud. (And I wish fervently that I could find a clip of that scene on youtube, but no such luck)