Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three Things I Liked About Sushi Girl

Starring: Tony Todd, Noah Hathaway, James Duval, Andy Mackenzie, Mark Hamill, Cortney Palm

1. Mark Hamill is brilliant. The animated Joker(and Luke Skywalker) himself, as the hair twirling, gum smacking, effeminate psychopath, Crow.

   I could not take my eyes off of Hamill throughout this movie. His performance was a thing of beauty, and if you need one reason to watch this movie, he's it.

2. This movie was very Tarantino-esque. A botched diamond heist. A rat wearing a wire in the criminals' circle. Revenge. Japanese atmosphere. Torture. A Mexican stand-off. A couple of times(in particular after a monologue by Tony Todd) I turned to my husband and said, "That was very Tarantino." Then there's Sonny Chiba, Danny Trejo, Jeff Fahey and Michael Biehn as co-stars.

3. The torture. It takes something creative to really get my attention, and the torture scenes in this movie managed to do that. There was the wine bottle in the sock(as it was Max's sock, I couldn't help but think the smell of the sock was probably bad enough, much less having it filled with a broken bottle and then smashed across your face) The damage it did was wonderful:

Then there was the chopstick hammered into the top of Fish's knee(one of Crow's contributions)

Crow then uses the end of the chopstick like a pain joystick, and twists the stick around in Fish's leg. Not especially bloody, but definitely up there in creativity. I would imagine the pain was rather exquisite, too.

Bonus: I enjoyed Sushi Girl's role in the movie, as well. Despite the name, I got so involved with the boys that I never even considered that the girl might have her own motives for being there. Everything is wrapped up in the end, nice and neat.

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