Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Things I Liked About Sick Nurses

  This is another instant watch horror movie on Netflix, so I gave it a go. The plot was basically black market organ harvesting, a cheating fiance, murder, and then ghostly revenge. It wasn't a great movie, parts of the plot were confusing and I kept confusing some of the nurses, but it was definitely interesting, and the gore was over-the-top in places. So, there will be gore spoilers, as well as a mind-blowing spoiler moment in number 3. I can't say I would recommend this to many people, unless you happen to be a fan of weird Asian horror (which is a taste I myself have been cultivating for the last couple of years)

  1. Weird/funny death scenes, most of which made me laugh out loud. In one scene, the ghost possesses  a girl's hand, forcing her to grind a handful of razor blades into her mouth and lower face. This, somehow, completely removes the girl's lower jaw-

Like so...

 -at which time the ghost hurls a kitten (yes, you read that right, a kitten) at the jaw-less woman, where it hits her in the bloody hole where her mouth was, before sliding down the jaw-less woman's throat and choking her to death. 

One of many times I laughed myself into hiccups.

 Another scene that got me was a nurse stumbling through the hallways with a purse over her head-

I don't believe I have ever seen a woman trapped
in a purse before.

 When Nook (our "final girl") comes across Bag Head, she discovers that the bag has actually been sewn to the woman's neck. 

I guess if you're a ghost you have sweet sewing skills.

  Nook carefully snips the stitches, not only removing the bag from the girl's head, but, with the last stitch,  also relieving the girl's head from her shoulders. Nook shrieks in horror as the head goes bouncing down the hall. (another laugh out loud moment) There were some other great deaths ("Hair cocoon!") but these two were hysterically funny, and probably my favourites.

  2. Nook (Chidjan Rujiphun) who is pregnant, gets trapped in the stairwell by a horde of "zombie" nurses.

I say zombies, but they were just nurses with 
backwards-turned wigs over their faces.

 She panics, and screams, and then starts stabbing everything near her with her pregnancy test stick. Nook takes out a platoon of nurse-zombies with a pregnancy test stick! This was one of the most wonderful things I have seen in a movie, to date.


   The final moments of this movie simply blew my mind, as Nook falls screaming to the floor, and then gives birth to a fully grown adult. No shit. 

 This totally happens. 

  Who she gives birth to is very bizarre, as well, but I'll leave that for anyone who actually wants to watch this crazy-fest. If so, Happy Viewing!


  1. Number one reminds me of the "Cat From Hell" segment in Tales From the Darkside: The Movie. When William Hickey discovers the hit-man he hired to kill a black cat has died from the very same cat climbing down into the man's throat.

    Freaked me out when I was a kid.

    1. Totally! That was always my favourite segment from the Tales-movie, I found it both funny, and creepy.