Monday, September 23, 2013

Three Things I Love About The Monster Squad: Then And Now

  I love this movie with every fiber of my being, and I have since my first viewing at least 25 years ago. Even today I can throw it on and just enjoy the ride. Since I enjoyed doing my Then and Now: The Blob post so much, I figured I would do one for The Monster Squad, as well. (I keep reading about a Monster Squad remake, which I admit hurts my soul a little) Anyway, here are three things I loved about The Squad, then, and three things I (still) love about The Squad, today.

The Monsters

The Monster Squad


  1. Sean's "Stephen King Rules" t-shirt. From the moment that I first laid eyes on it, I coveted that shirt (being a King obsessed pre-teen myself)

  About 5 or 6 years ago I ran across this t-shirt for sale on a website, and I bought one immediately. I wear it all the time around the house:

I took this picture when I first got it...
not sure why I clipped my head off.

  2. Patrick (Robby Kiger) Man, did I have the hots for Patrick.

  I think that a big part of the reason that I crushed on Patrick, and not Sean, is because back then I wanted to be Sean: his awesome treehouse, a mom who bought him old journals from spooky houses (my mom was cool, but not that cool) and he could see (and hear, thanks to some set-up he had going on) the drive-in movies from the roof of his house (plus, he had that kick ass t-shirt!)

  3. The Treehouse. That glorious treehouse! My brother and I had a treehouse, but it was just a wooden platform with railings, and I would have done almost anything to have a club house like the Monster Squad had. (On a side note, I always felt like I would have been welcomed into the Monster Squad, despite my lack of penis. I was certain that they would have been impressed by all of my monster knowledge) 

  There was one thing I noticed upon a recent viewing, though it's a blink too long and you miss it moment. 

  I noticed the white and blue spherical object stuck in the cinder block. I rewound this scene and paused it a few times, but could not get a clearer picture. But I know what I'm looking at:

  Totally blurry, but no doubt in my mind that is an Oculus Orbus Madball! I know, because I own one (and did a post on it a while back)

  Bonus- "Wolfman's got nards!" How can you not love a line like that?


  1. I love, love, that when The Squad realizes that they need a virgin to recite the ritual, everyone simply ignores that any one of these boys (minus Rudy, probably) are virgins and would fit the bill nicely! It just cracks me up.

  2. Dracula's "bat penis." 

  Apparently, it does not matter how old I get, I still get a little giggle out of this scene.

  3. The Army, the freaking Army, shows up in response to Eugene's letter.

  This letter. The Army comes a'calling, locked and loaded, with tanks, because of this letter. Seriously, Army?

  Bonus:  This awesome montage. Still one of my favourites to this day.


  1. Easily one of my favorite movies from childhood and definitely something I can throw on anytime and enjoy. I busted out this year's viewing a couple weeks ago after finding Yummy Mummy cereal. Total event.

    See ya later, Band-aid Breath.

  2. Definitely! I occasionally imagine myself at 70, still popping this in for a view every once and awhile. Probably still wearing my "Stephen King Rules" t-shirt.