Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three Things I Liked About Bad Girls From Valley High

  Bad Girls From Valley High is a surprisingly funny tale of revenge, with a twist or two. We have rapidly aging teen girls in adult diapers, senior citizen stereotypes, a hot foreign exchange student (who may, or may not, be a ghost) Janet Leigh (!) and a surprising take on the devil (although, really, it makes sense upon reflection) This is currently a watch instantly on Netflix.

  1. Aaron Paul as a spastic dweeb. Hyperactive, annoying, with a crush on head bitch Danielle, and no one aside from Bad Girl #3, Brook, likes him (although borderline brain dead jock Gavin seems to tolerate him)

He looks like he should be hawking computers.

 Alaska is a Breaking Bad fan, so I am used to seeing hardass, rough-around-the-edges, Jesse Pinkman up on the screen. Jonathan "Wart" Wharton is about as far from Jesse as one could get.

  2. Mr. Chauncey (Christopher Lloyd, doing what he does best, which is play Christopher Lloyd on the big screen) gets the crap beaten out of him throughout the movie. A couple of my favourites were:

   ~Being tackled through a dressing room door and then being shit-kicked by the woman
      he walked in on.

   ~Being accidentally closed up in the automatic bleachers by the volleyball coach.

   ~Attacked by a pack of Pomeranians while dressed as a clown.

He looks so much worse later on.

  3. The ending. Everything comes full circle, questions are answered and, as mentioned, we get a glimpse of the devil. And it is awesome.


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