Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Things I Love About Trick 'r Treat

   I love everything about the movie Trick 'r Treat. I love this movie so much, and have watched it so often since my discovery of it, that Alaska began using the term "trick 'r treat" to mean "the ability to recite entire chunks of dialogue (if not the entire movie) from memory, due to repeated viewings."  Example: "I can trick 'r treat the hell out of The Monster Squad. I've seen it over 200 times." Since I do love everything about this movie it was a little tough picking out just three things to make a list from, but I managed. And away we go-

  1. Sam.

   Adorable, deadly, and a wonderful icon of Halloween! I embraced Sam with the fervent love that I also give to Jason Voorhees. (Check out my Sam collection over at the Happy Haunted Sunshine House!)

  2. The makers of this movie had a powerful love of practical effects. The CGI in this movie is actually used to enhance, not as a lazy convenience, and I am A-OK with that. Not only does this movie have one of the most realistic severed heads that I have ever seen in a movie:

   But the werewolf transformation scene is one of my favourites of all time. I nearly went into a fit of ecstasy the first time that I saw the women tearing off their skins to reveal the wolf-fur underneath. Not to mention, the wolves themselves were pretty phenomenal.


  3. All the stuff going on in the background. It's easy enough to note the interlocking scenes, but multiple viewings had me noticing more and more. Some of my favourites are:

~ In the opening scenes with Emma and Henry, we see The Schoolbus Kids leaving Mr. Kreeg's house.

The Schoolbus Kids, far left.

~Some of the other werewolf girls picking up their dates.

L-R: Werewolf girl, werewolf girl, Emma in the coffee shop window.

~Laurie chatting up a soldier in the background as we leave the alleyway with The Man in Black.

The Man in Black, in the background, Laurie

~Mrs. Henderson with "Coach Taylor, in the hotdog costume" at the werewolf party at Sheep's Meadow. You don't see her face, but just look at the costume:

Mrs. Henderson, our "mature" werewolf. This is also where
we see Coach Taylor "buttfucking a pig."

Hard to get a good shot of this, but if you watch the scene you can see, even
without her face, that that is Mrs. Henderson's cat costume. Not to mention that is 
definitely Coach Taylor, whom we saw earlier in the movie.

Bonus: The Blu Ray bonus footage contains some deleted scenes, one of which just cracks me up every time I decide to re-watch it. For starters, the wankers who play the trick on Rhonda are leaving Mrs. Henderson's house, comparing their gains, and Chip pulls this out of his bag:

That's no banana, it's a day-glo yellow vibrator.

A few moments later, Macy and Chip have this exchange, while standing in front of Rhonda's house:

Chip: "Is that Rhonda the retard?"
Macy: "She's not a retard, she's an idiot savant." 
(That is the extent of the conversation that made it into the movie-it originally carried on)
Chip: "What the fuck's the difference?"
Macy: "Retards are as strong as apes."
Chip: "Really?"
Macy: "Tear your arms right off."

  I laugh every time over the "tear your arms right off" bit. It's just such a kid thing to say, and I love it.



  1. I love you more than you will ever know for posting. Thank you for this. I am crying as I type this, trying to see the "send" button.

    1. lol You're too sweet. Glad you enjoyed!

    2. Just really genuinely LOVE this movie. Love to see it touted. I think if I had any complaints I would say that I would have liked to have seen the bully kid be a bit more "bully" before seeing him done in by the killer Principal. I felt like there was need for the audience to feel like some more karmic retribution was in order there. I get that simply breaking the "rules" makes you a target... but I think his crimes should have been showcased a bit more before offing him.

      One of the things I LOVE about this movie is how it flaunts the idea that nothing is safe on Halloween. Here we have the School Bus kids shambling by in plain sight and no one suspects a thing because... Halloween! A girl killed at the parade and no one notices... Halloween! A woman wrapped up in a sheet and gorily murdered right at the feet of three clowns... Halloween! A group of werewolves culling half the town's men... Halloween! The school principal poisoning kids and burying them in the backyard because... well I think you get it anyway. It taunts the audience with the idea that all the costumes and merry-making, instead of protecting us as legend would indicate, instead just creates camouflage for horrors to be committed right in the safe and cozy everyday world around us.

      Did you hear they've finally green-lit a sequel? I'm tentatively hopeful about it. I'm not sure they can improve on the original in any real way... so I'm not sure I really want them to try.

  2. I love everything you posted on I've saw the movie many times and still did not catch all of those things I do have one main question what is the tattoo on the top of the back on her neck Red riding hood that is they show it quickly as there tearing there skin off I believe it has something to do with that story. If you could help me figure that one out please and thank you: )

    1. Hi there, and thanks so much for the comment! I believe the tattoo you're speaking of is actually on Danielle (Lauren Lee Smith)- the Cinderella, who is Laurie's sister. It says "Nil desperandum," which is Latin and means "Do not despair," or "Never despair." Hope this is the tattoo you were talking about- and thanks again for commenting!