Monday, July 22, 2013

Three Random Toys From My Childhood

1. Kobra Khan (Mattel, 1984)

 No gun, so he's left with his permanent "jack-off" hand.

My brother and I spent many hours playing with our He-Man action figures(as well as watching the cartoon) While Teela was always my favourite(I've had a thing for sexy redheads pretty much my whole life, it would seem) her action figure was harder to find. And, I must admit, I was titillated by the notion that Kobra Khan could actually squirt water! I have no clue where his orange gun ran off to, but I can tell you that at some point the snake man ended up with perfume in his mister. I popped his top and could still smell it, even after almost 30 years.

2. Gusty (Hasbro, 1984-85)

I wasn't exactly a "normal" little girl child, and I wasn't ever into the My Little Pony craze. I had Barbies, but my Barbies tended to be detectives solving gruesome homicides(often involving severed limbs, the nice thing about Barbie is that she popped right back together when I was done) I always preferred mermaids over unicorns, and my only guess is that this was a gift from someone. How I have managed to hold onto it for all of these years, I have no idea. And now, I find myself unable to get rid of Gusty, simply because I have managed to hang onto it for near 30 years.

3. Oculus Orbus (AmToy, mid-80s)

Pay no attention to the dog nose in the photo!
(that's Oliver Queen, by the by)

If I had my way, I would currently own all 8 of the original series of Madballs, that's how much I loved them when they came out. As it is, I got Oculus only on the whim of my Grandma. The store aisle had been pretty picked clean, and I had my choice of Oculus or one other Madball(that I believe was Slobulus) Grandma was rather put out by both choices, but after what I remember as being a lot of pleading, she relented when I took what was the more tame of the two. I have never regretted my choice. Kobra Khan and Gusty I have simply been lucky to hold on to, but I've always kept an eye(ha!) on Oculus Orbus all these years. He sits in his place of honor on my desk.


  1. Ok I so had a Gusty too! I like unicorns, but I am with you, I love mermaids so much more.

    1. My sister was always the unicorn lover in our family. I have to say, writing this post has made me want to dig out some of my other toys- I have got to find my old Sea Wees now. Thanks for the comment!