Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Of My Favourite Tarantino Blondes

1. Elle Driver (Daryl Hanna) in Kill Bill 1 & 2

  So jealous, (of The Bride) so angry, (that Bill allows The Bride to live) so Cyclopean (thanks to Pai Mei.) Her showdown with Beatrix in Budd's trailer is particularly epic (as was Elle's method of dispatching Budd.)

2. Alabama Whitman-Worley (Patricia Arquette) in True Romance

  This girl takes one incredible ass-kicking, and then takes down James Gandolfini with a Swiss Army Knife corkscrew attachment, and a bust of Elvis.

3. Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) in Reservoir Dogs

  A cool-headed psychopath with good taste in music and some sweet skills with a straight razor.

Bonus- Zoe Bell (Zoe Bell) in Kill Bill 1 & 2, Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained

  I found her so endearing in Death Proof. Also, stunt women are just awesome.


  1. It took me -years- to finally get around to watching True Romance and I totally regret that. Easily my favorite film by Tony Scott [The Hunger is a close second, though].

    1. Oddly, I did not enjoy my first viewing of True Romance. It took another run-through before it hit me that, yes, this was a really good movie. I did love The Hunger upon first viewing, and I remember my mother had a copy of the book that she gave me. I was vampire obsessed in my pre-teen years.